Posted on 14-Aug-2018

FMS Wine Marketing

100% Argon gas will save your wines !
Protect the taste of your wine !
Thanks to Cape Wine 2018 (12-14SEP) you can now share in this special discount. Order your winesave now.

Delivery cost before the show by courier was R135. It is now R100 irrespective of the quantity you order.


1. Fit the rubber tube extension (provided) on the nozzle on the top of the canister

2. Insert the tube into the wine bottle so that the tip is 2 – 4cm above the wine. Press the nozzle for 1 second.

3. Replace the bottle cap, cork or stopper and store the bottle upright. Avoid tipping or shaking the bottle.

4. Store your wine during several weeks!


The world's first, uniquely engineered, hand-held canister containing 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade argon gas.

Argon is nature's perfect wine preserver as it's completely inert, harmless, flavourless, tasteless, colourless and 2.5 times heavier than air.

Simply spray for one second into an opened bottle of wine and it creates a perfect layer above your wine, preventing further oxidation.

Guaranteed to keep your opened wine fresh longer - days, weeks, or even months.

Enjoy up to 120 to 150 uses with the large model (R200) and 20 to 30 with the small one (R50) !


Premium product
Get repeat business
Highly praised - endorsed by experts worldwide:
- Philippe Guigal (France)
- Jancis Robinson (UK)
- John Gilman (US)
- Ben Edwards (Australia)
- Curtis Marsh (New Zealand)